Friday, September 23, 2011

SACRAMENTO: Forgotten Angels...CALL FOR SUBJECTS /PARTICIPANTS for Active & Retired Military Women

FORGOTTEN ANGELS - A Matter of Honor is a Fine Art Photography Exhibition and Documentary Film which is scheduled to Premiere March 1st-June 12th 2012 in Washington D C at The Women In Service to America Memorial Museum at Arlington

SWORDFISH is looking for additional women to be interviewed in photography and film Award winning Writer/Director/Producer Ann P Meredith grew up in Sacramento and is completing her 25 year project here in the area.

If you are willing and able to meet with us - Ann and Linda - to tell you story please contact us directly at 415 623 9048 or email to set up a half hr/45min appointment.

Interviewees needing to remain anonymous will be accommodated.

We are looking for women of all races, ages and military experiences including all ranks and job titles. ANGELS need a well to interview women of Hispanic and Asian heritage, anyone who is an amputee, and anyone who is an MST/military sexual trauma survivor.

We want to meet you and hear your stories that can be shared with others as the show travels nationally. ANGELS' Vision is to help give a real face and a voice to women in the military.

Ann's Aunt Martha Jane Adkins served in Korea as a Navy radio operator

Ann's father was a career man in the Air Force, retiring at Mc Clellan AFB

and Ann, herself is a survivor of MST

Please Call us!


Thank you,

Ann P Meredith

SWORDFISH Productions

mobile 415 623 9048

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Attn Veterans: Gold Country Stand Down September 27, 28, 29 Placer County

Any Placer County Veteran, especially the Homeless Veterans and their families and significant others are sheltered throughout this event.

Included for all attendees: food; personal care (haircuts, personal care supplies, clothing); picture ID services; health care screening (HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis C, etc.); health care services (actual health care professionals will provide services); eye care; dental care; VA benefits counseling; general benefits counseling (Social Security, Food Stamps, local health and human services); substance abuse counseling & recovery groups; mental health counseling; legal services; employment services (job referrals, employment counseling); housing services (referrals to programs); spiritual services; activities to empower homeless veterans and create a “community” (town meetings, tent leaders, open mike, entertainment, graduation)


Roseville Fairgrounds

800 All America City Blvd.

Roseville, CA